Pink rose ombre cake

Pink ombre rose cake

It’s been a while I’ve blogged and that’s because I wanted to make sure my new site looked just right before I unveiled it to the few of you who are still reading! While I have a series of draft blogs I’m holding on to, I thought I’d start with this one – the pink rose ombre cake. Isn’t it just lovely? And it’s so, so much easier than it looks.

I made this for my husband for Valentine’s Day as we had a 3 month old and 3 year old at home and the chances of going out for dinner were slim to none. All the Pinterest posts seemed daunting, but I turned to Youtube and watched some tutorials before venturing out on my own. I found the following one helpful: How to frost an ombre rose cake

It’s dead simple. You just need a steady hand, steady nerves. And a good buttercream recipe which you will need to tint to reach your three desired colours.

All you need is cake – I used batter from cake mix I used that was left over from some cupcakes – three piping bags (disposable is fine), and open star tips like Wilton 1M. If you have more than one tip, it’s helpful, so you’re not washing them in between. This was a mini 3-tier cake I made so I used less frosting than you’d use for a regular-sized cake.

Some helpful tips:

Try to pipe the roses all in the same direction. You’ll notice I didn’t. It would have made for a much more neater, consistent look. You can easily put this in the fridge if you need to make it in advance, just take it out a couple of hours before serving so that it’s at room temperature.

Finally, using good quality food colouring gels is essential. You don’t want to be dousing your buttercream in copious amounts of food colouring because you will taste it, and it may even affect the look of your buttercream. The ones at your local grocery store aren’t ideal. And while you may read on some recipes that you can make buttercream in advance, freeze it, and then just whip it together into shape again, that’s never worked for me. If you are making this for a special occasion, I’d take the time to make the buttercream just before piping it.

Any feedback on the new site – and this post – are welcome! Hope you like it!





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