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  • Homemade Butterfinger Candy Bar

    Homemade Butterfinger Candy Bar

    Did you know, that there is a use for all that candy corn that’s left over after Halloween? Yup, and you just might want to buy extra, after reading this blog post, just to make this recipe. And if you don’t have any pantry like I do, I’m sure a bulk food store will stock…

  • Pomegranate rose-water persimmon pavlova

    Pomegranate rose-water persimmon pavlova

    This recipe may have been doomed from the start with a name like “The Sultan’s Pavlova: Ottomans Come Down Under.” With every ingredient I purchased, with every stir of my spoon, with every step all I could think was that the Armenian genocide unfolded during the Ottoman Empire under some Sultan’s orders and that I…

  • Pink ombre rose cake

    Pink ombre rose cake

    It’s been a while I’ve blogged and that’s because I wanted to make sure my new site looked just right before I unveiled it to the few of you who are still reading! While I have a series of draft blogs I’m holding on to, I thought I’d start with this one – the pink…