Homemade Butterfinger Candy Bar

Homemade Butterfinger
Did you know, that there is a use for all that candy corn that’s left over after Halloween? Yup, and you just might want to buy extra, after reading this blog post, just to make this recipe. And if you don’t have any pantry like I do, I’m sure a bulk food store will stock some.

Once you have it in hand, you’re halfway there. You’ll need some candy corn, chocolate or dipping chocolate and peanut butter. I must admit that I wish I took greater care when dipping the candy bars in the chocolate or that I made a greater effort to cut them all to the same size, but I was somewhat rushed because my kids were around and probably demanding something – urgently. I must admit, it did cross my mind, that if I tried too hard to make them look perfect, I was defeating the purpose of replicating the real Butterfinger bar as a homemade version.

Here’s the recipe.

Homemade Butterfinger

Substitutions: I used orange dipping chocolate for one batch, and then I melted regular milk chocolate for another batch. The idea had been to combine both to create a tiger-type effect but that didn’t pan out, so I ended up making one version with only milk chocolate and the other with the melted chocolate. But that’s not really important, the point is you can improvise as long as you get the inside part right.

Would I make this again? You know, I probably would. It was just easy enough – and because I haven’t addressed this yet, it truly tasted just like a Butterfinger candy bar. Now, does anyone have a recipe for a Skor bar?

Grade: Four stars out of five, with extra points given for authenticity and flavour. If anything, it’s a fun talking point and a unique addition to a pot luck, rather than the same-old, tired brownie recipe.





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