Glazed lemon pound cake


It’s about that time of year when my after-dinner cravings are for something a bit lighter, tangier, fresher.

I’m not as likely to reach for the dense-chocolate cake or the decadent cheesecake, the fruits are plentiful and ripe and in abundance. Still, sometimes you want to have something on hand for when company comes over on the weekend, and this recipe perfectly fits the bill.

This recipe comes from Real Simple magazine, a publication I am often ripping pages out of due to the high success rate.

Substitutions: I didn’t make any, but I would have no hesitation in using lower-fat Greek yogurt.

Would I make this again? Certainly, the tang of the lemon pairs nicely with the sugary glaze and it’s just the thing to serve alongside a double long espresso.

Grade: Five stars out of five. Simplicity rules here and this recipe is hard to mess up. (Do butter and flour your bundt pan, however, to keep the cake from sticking.



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