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  • Glazed lemon pound cake

    Glazed lemon pound cake

    It’s about that time of year when my after-dinner cravings are for something a bit lighter, tangier, fresher. I’m not as likely to reach for the dense-chocolate cake or the decadent cheesecake, the fruits are plentiful and ripe and in abundance. Still, sometimes you want to have something on hand for when company comes over…

  • Lemon-kissed buttercream cupcakes

    Lemon-kissed buttercream cupcakes

      While I tend to fall back on tried-and-true cupcake recipes such as vanilla bean or Devil’s Food, sometimes I yearn for a little lemon. I made these for a springtime party but I’ve also made them since then for a baby shower. I found this recipe online when I wanted something a bit more…