Chai spice biscotti

Chai spice biscotti
There is so much to love about biscotti. You need to double bake it so it’s nearly impossible to get the consistency wrong, it stays fresh longer than your average cookie, and best of all, it’s the perfect biscuit to dip inside your morning coffee.

But I like my biscotti to be either old-school Italian, with some pistachio or a hint of lemon, or to have some kind of modern twist, like this recipe from Chatelaine.

The usual chocolate almond biscotti don’t interest me. But this biscotti was absolutely delicious. It hit all the right notes with me, slightly savoury and peppery while finishing on a sweet note.

The result is a completely unexpected taste sensation that you’ll crave time and time again – particularly for anyone who loves Indian flavours like I do.

Substitutions: None, but I tried to grind some of the spices in my small marble mortar and pestle and I wish I had gone the more professional route. I could feel the grittiness of the spices that I hadn’t managed to grind as well in the icing that I drizzled on top, and a smoother finish would have been welcome.

Would I make this again: Indeed, I would. I made this over the holidays to have on hand for guests who would be stopping by and kept the biscotti in an airtight container. I froze the rest of the batch and it kept extremely well. And it’s not one of those precious recipes that has you watching the clock, minute-by-minute, out of fear you’ll be led astray and have wasted an hour of your life.

Grade: Five stars out of five. I wish I knew who developed this recipe because I’d like to send them a virtual high five.






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  1. Jennifer Avatar

    Oh, I love chai. I think I need to make this.

    1. admin Avatar

      I love chai too! Especially this time of year…

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