Vanilla-berry charlotte


Pretty, right? That’s the main shallow reason I decided to make this. I couldn’t wrap my head around what purpose the ladyfingers would serve other than to hold the cake together.
I mean, they weren’t dipped in liqueur or anything so they were going to stay hard.
But I decided this would be the perfect (and relatively quickest) show-stopping dessert to make for a Good Friday brunch at my aunt’s place.
I was confident I could get it to look almost as good as the Kraft Kitchens recipe, but for the chocolate shavings which I have yet to master, but wasn’t sure that this would deliver on the taste.

Fortunately, it was delicious. Light and delicious. To save even more time, you can just buy a ready-made angel cake at the store. I made the white cake from a mix. (Look, when you have a kid, even this is a feat).
I’m still not sold on the ladyfingers though. I guess you can save the ladyfingers to dip in your coffee but I don’t really like the idea. It’s like the school of thought that would never place a mint leaf on a pastry as garnish unless there was some sort of mint flavour. Maybe next time I will lightly dip the side of the ladyfingers touching the cake in some sort of liqueur.

None, but I did use less of the jam mixture than I was supposed to. Why? Didn’t read the recipe carefully enough.

Would I make this again?
Definitely. But it’s a spring recipe, in my eyes. Kraft Kitchens published this recipe in their holiday edition and I’m not sure that it is rich enough to serve in the winter.

Four stars out of five. One point docked for the useless ladyfingers.






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  1. thecoffeesnob Avatar

    This looks so pretty! But I have to agree with you on the ladyfingers. I imagine the cake would have looked just as gorgeous and tasted just as fantastic without them.