This bun in the oven is keeping me from baking


In an ironic twist of events, having a bun in the oven is keeping me from baking and cooking as much as I used to.

I’ve been told to avoid sugar (horrors!) and keep my feet up when I get home from work. This means the amount of time I usually devote to baking has been drastically reduced. However, I will continue to post blogs drawing on a bank of recipes I have used but not yet blogged on – so please don’t be put off by my idleness.

I’ve got some good things I’ve been saving up, including a delicious cinnamon roll-type cake, tangy lemon coffee cake, moist blueberry cake, and even some cupcake designs you haven’t yet seen.

So check back and don’t be shy to drop me a line. I love hearing from my readers, be it in the comments section or via email.






One response to “This bun in the oven is keeping me from baking”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    I would love to see the Lemon Coffee Cake!!! Sounds delicious.

    Hope you are doing well and following doctor’s orders 🙂