This recipe comes to us from Nigella’s latest behemoth cookbook “Kitchen: Recipes from the Heart of the Home,” which I will be reviewing in short order so stay tuned.

In the meantime, though, this was one of the first recipes I marked after leafing through the book at a galloping pace.

I leave for work so early during the week I don’t get to have breakfast with my son so I try to make him something special for breakfast on the weekends.

On this particular weekend, my son was boycotting any and all fruits so I decided to sneak some bananas into his diet by way of these muffins. He’s not much of a chocolate fan, so I was taking a risk.
In her recipe, which you can also find online, Nigella says these muffins are so darkly delicious they are
begging to be served as a dessert alongside coffee after dinner but I’m not sure I agree. They are a nice treat for breakfast, but rather pedestrian for dessert, unless you add white or dark chocolate chips, which I must admit I was considering.

Substitutions: None, but like I say above, I will add dark or white chocolate chips next time.

Would I make these again: Yes, I would, because they were easy to make and lo and behold my son actually ate these without making a face or spitting out his first mouthful.

Grade: Three stars out of five. Were these yummy? Yes. Easy? Double yes. And they stayed moist at the end of the first day, two days later, and eve after I pulled them out of the freezer. But they were lacking a certain je ne sais quoi. If these didn’t appear in Nigella’s latest book, I’m not sure I would have tried making them.

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