Fancy a Snog? Blogiversary cookbook giveaway!

It’s been three years since I published my first post on this blog, and I can hardly believe it. In the three years since I launched Caramels, Bonbons et Chocolats, I’ve moved house, had a baby, improved my photography skills, returned to work, launched an Etsy shop for cupcake decorations with my sister, shed 60 pounds of marital and baby weight, and met some wonderful people online and in real life who share my passion for baking. It’s been a real thrill.

In honour of my blogiversary, I’ve decided to give away a book, the “Snog Healthy Treats Cookbook.”

What can you expect in this cookbook? “Yogurt, Granita & Other Frozen Treats: Frozen Yogurt in three flavours; Natural, Green Tea and Chocolate, tasty toppings, such as Dark Chocolate and Cashew Slivers or Peanut Pineapple Chunks, other treats include Pomegranate Vanilla Pod Frozen Yogurt. Gluten-free Healthy Baked Treats featured are Tangerine, Olive Oil and Hazelnut Cake and Orange and Blossom Custard Cakes. … Raw Food recipes to try are Lemon Cashew Bars and Mojito Mousse on Coconut Crunch.

“Finally, a selection of fresh Smoothies & Drinks includes Iced Almond Chai, Orange Agua Fresca with Beet Swirl and Papaya Lassi.”

**CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. Thanks for the entries! **

So what’s the catch?

All you need to do is leave a comment telling me your name, where you’re from, your favourite blog post on my blog, and your email so I can contact you for your address if you win the book.

If you’d prefer to keep your email address anonymous, just send me your email address at mary.sagharian (at) (but you still need to leave a comment with the other details.)

I’ll select an entry using a random number generator based on the number of your entry and I will ship the book to the winner. You have one week, until midnight ET on November 14 to post an entry. I will announce the winner on November 16.

To give you some food for thought before you post a comment on your favorite post on this blog, below you’ll find my 10 most popular posts over the past year.

Bon appetit!

10 most-popular posts on Caramels, Bonbons et Chocolats over the past year (starting from most popular):

  1. New York, New York Super Crumb Cake
  2. French pastries course Day 1: Macarons and canals
  3. Dorie Greenspan’s coffee eclairs
  4. Lemon meringue cupcakes
  5. Crisp maple shortbread cookies
  6. Cook’s Illustrated perfect chocolate chip cookies
  7. Chocolate mousse igloo
  8. Amy’s ultimate chocolate chip cookies (and ice cream sandwiches)
  9. Noah’s ark baptismal cake
  10. Mini pumpkin spice bundt cakes






8 responses to “Fancy a Snog? Blogiversary cookbook giveaway!”

  1. Kelly L. Avatar
    Kelly L.

    Amy’s ultimate chocolate chip cookies (and ice cream sandwiches).
    Without a doubt!
    Going to make these for Santa.

  2. Nikki Avatar

    Can’t decide between the lemon pull apart cake and the post of Ara’s birthday party (because the ideas were all so amazing!)


  3. Jennifer Avatar

    Happy blogiversary, Mary! Congratulations on a very eventful three years! Choosing a favourite post is hard since so many sound delicious, but a recent one that stands out is Martha Stewart’s pumpkin chocolate tiramisu. I’m a huge fan of everything in that title: pumpkin, chocolate, and tiramisu! I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but I think I might make it for my family Christmas.
    Oh, I’m from Toronto. 🙂

  4. Danielle in Toronto Avatar
    Danielle in Toronto

    Well last night I pinned your son’s airplane birthday post onto pinterest 🙂 I liked your tip about setting up a task schedule for yourself.

    But I’m also a fan of the Paula Deen’s red velvet cupcakes post — I refer to that one most frequently as I love Red Velvet cupcakes and have made them a few times since reading your post. I always thought they’d be difficult to make but they aren’t!

    orders (at)

  5. Amy Avatar

    I like the welcome baby cupcakes- great idea I am going to use at the next baby shower I host!
    Sherwood Park, Ab

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    Without a doubt I loved Ara’s birthday post. I love your blog and am excited to try some of the recipes.


  7. Nic Avatar

    My favourite blog post is Crisp maple shortbread cookies – they are on the top of my holiday baking list.

    Nicole from Toronto.

  8. Mary Avatar

    Contest is now closed! Thanks for all the entries and kind words! Check back for the winner on November 16.