Dare to dream: Christmas wish list

Preparing my Christmas wish list has been inordinately easier than in past years because I’ve been keeping track on Pinterest and Etsy.

In keeping with tradition in years past, this post will only touch on the food-related items on my Christmas wish list. But you can find the whole thing here. And while you’re at it, follow me on Pinterest too!

Anthropologie owl cookie jar, as seen on the show “Modern Family”: Whooooo loves owls? I do, I do. Sorry, I love a cheesy pun.

Truth is, I find myself wincing when I see the plastic containers filled with homemade cookies on my countertop. I just find it ugly, and I think this owl would fit in perfectly in my retro-chic kitchen.

Cupcake Courier 36-Cupcake Plastic Storage Container: I’ve always wished for a multi-levelled cupcake caddy, because I hate walking around with two of my caddies when it would be easier to stack them. I don’t even think I can get this in Canada, but if you know differently, let me know.


Koziol Babell tiered stand: Wouldn’t this be darling covered in petits four, cupcakes, or even fruits on a beautifully decorated dining table?

I know. I want it. I love anything Koziol, often their products are plastic and not precious enough you feel you can’t use them. In fact, I want two of these in different colours. I just can’t decide which ones. Hot pink and red? White and turquoise? Decisions, decisions

Williams-Sonoma gift cakelet pan: Let’s be honest. I’d probably never use this, because it would mean having to paint the cakelets and I wouldn’t feel like getting around to it, but isn’t it lovely to look at?

KitchenAid Food Processor: I’ve been fighting it too long. Counter space be damned.  This would make my life easier, it’s true. I need one. And in a vibrant colour. I bought the KitchenAid mixer in white to save money and now I’m regretting it.


French tin that says Sucre: God knows where I can find one. But it’s on my mind. And I check Etsy all the time. Maybe it wouldn’t fit my retro-chic theme. Maybe it’s too shabby chic. Whatever. *Insert Gallic shrug here*. I still want one. This photo is from the food blog of pastry chef David Lebovitz, whose name you’ve heard me mention time and time again.

Not only is he an amazing pastry chef, but he has the most perfect tin that says Sucre.

Wooden crate for food blog photography: I think this one on Sweetapolita’s blog is perfect but I haven’t found one that even comes close.


Glass cloche on pedestal: Wouldn’t this be a nicer way to store my baking than in the airtight containers I mentioned above?

I’ve been looking for a glass dome that would fit nicely on top of my existing cake stands, but I can’t find one. Sure enough, these ones are available on an American site that doesn’t ship to Canada.

Croquembouches class: This seems like an insurmountable mountain. I’m not sure I could make these alone, but I probably could if I took the class at the Bonnie Gordon School of Confectionary Arts. Plus I would go home with my very own croquembouches, and I would have lots to share with my family and friends, hint hint.

If you’re still not inspired, see my Christmas wish lists from years past: 20102009, and also 2008.






4 responses to “Dare to dream: Christmas wish list”

  1. Amy Avatar

    I have the owl measuring cups and the cupcake courier on my list too! You can get the cupcake courier from amazon.ca for about the same price. I think you can also get it from Golda’s Kitchen in Mississauga. they ship as well.

  2. Mary Avatar

    Owl measuring cups? Do tell!

  3. Mary Avatar