Crisp maple shortbread cookies


The recipe for these gems comes from the latest issue of Chatelaine but you can also find them here. Unlike other more traditional shortbread recipes, these were just buttery enough, just light enough that you can eat more than a couple without feeling like you are going to keel over from the sheer weight of the butter.

And the maple glaze is the perfect touch to elevate a, let’s face it, often boring and overexposed cookie.

Add this to your repertoire and you won’t be sorry.
Best of all? This isn’t one of those recipes that produces a sorry output of a whole 20 cookies. I got dozens of cookies out of this batch and froze most of them for the holiday season. (I already took a few out to see how they freeze and after spending some time at room temperature, they are as good as new).

Admittedly, these cookies would look a lot more festive with royal icing details and sparkly dragees to dress them up, but that would take away from the flavour and texture, and I implore you not to give in to the temptation.

Substitutions: None

Would I make this again? Indeed I will. These are no-fuss, no-muss cookies and the dough is extraordinarily forgiving. If it gets too pliable as you are working with it, just cover it and pop it back in the fridge before you continue working with it.

Grade: Four stars out of five. I don’t have any major complaints but I will admit this cookie may seem as though it is lacking in sparkle alongside the Linzer cutout cookies I am planning to serve these with. Still, sometimes simple is better. And this cookie makes up for its unassuming appearance with its delicate texture and unexpected taste bud-tickling maple syrup glaze. This is a true holiday cookie. And wouldn’t you prefer to nibble these alongside some Earl Grey tea after a full turkey-and-trimmings feast? Before you get ahead of yourself with an overly elaborate and complicated holiday menu, make these now and pop them in the freezer. You will thank me later when you are struggling with a fallen meringue and undercooked turkey and your guests are already at the front door.




7 responses to “Crisp maple shortbread cookies”

  1. Melissa Avatar

    Cute! These look perfect for Christmas!

  2. Shannon Avatar

    Thanks for posting Mary, I am planning on doing shortbread for a baking exchange on the weekend, I will definitely try this out!

  3. creampuff Avatar

    Mary, Wow! These look so good!!! I’ve been on a real maple kick lately so I’ll have to try these!

  4. Mary Avatar

    They are very light, so you won’t feel as guilty (or so I am telling myself hee hee)

  5. Nina Avatar

    Ohhh, these are lovely!! What a great idea for shortbread! Will have to try these.

  6. Ranjani Avatar

    I just love maple flavors, and these look delicious!

  7. Couscous & Consciousness Avatar

    These are gorgeous looking cookies – I love the little Xmas tree shape you chose, and I love the idea of the maple glaze, much more than any over-decorated alternative – simple is definitely best.
    Sue 🙂