So apparently I missed Delurking Day by one day. Please don’t hold it against me. It’s a good day when I can take a shower with a 5-month-old crawling in the house.
I’m dying to know who my lurkers are! Apparently I have readers in Croatia, the Isle of Man, the Palestinian Territories, Bulgaria, Sweden, Malaysia, Egypt, Armenia, and on and on – so please, please reveal yourselves!
I won’t bite, I swear!
If you can, tell us:
Your name, where you’re from, your favourite street food, and what you had for breakfast.
I’ll start.
My name is Mary, I was born in Toronto, my favourite street food is a hot dog with mustard, ketchup, hot sauce, sweet corn relish, and sauerkraut.
I had Kashi cereal for breakfast. Not very exciting, I know. I had pecan chocolates and brioches for dinner. The photo is of me stuffing my face at my bridal shower. I’m happy because there are cupcakes (thanks, Mom). I have braces. (They’re off now). Well? what are you waiting for? G’head! Spill!