Cinnamon roll cheesecake

Cinnamon roll cheesecake

Everyone loves that cinnamon bun smell, and I think this is what I was after when I made this cheesecake.

Typically, my go-to dessert for a Christmas-time feast is a cheesecake; it’s indulgent and rich so you feel like you’re celebrating with every slice.

When I’m taking a dessert to a holiday party I aim for flavours that appeal to every denominator. Have you ever met someone who didn’t like a cinnamon bun? I didn’t think so. Have you ever met someone who felt like they got enough frosting with their cinnamon bun? Again, I didn’t think so.

Feed that need with this cheesecake. Recipe found here.

Substitutions: None, but if you didn’t use whole milk, it shouldn’t be the end of the world.

Would I make this again? Yes, it was absolutely delicious. And although the end result was similar to the one in the blog, I don’t love the way the frosting turned out.

Grade: Four stars out of five. One point docked for somewhat-sloppy presentation. There’s something to be said for anticipating those “ooooohs” and “aaahs” when you bring something to the table. That said, this cake slice, dotted with the batter and topped with the frosting definitely does encapsulate some of that wow factor. I wish I had more photos to showcase, but I was a little busy, ahem, when I dug into my slice.





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