Christmas tree shortbread cookies

Christmas tree shortbread
I realized recently when I was scrolling back in time on my blog that there are so many desserts I’ve made but not posted here, so my goal over the holidays is to publish some of my more recent creations.

Which leads me to these Christmas tree shortbread cookies…I have to admit shortbread isn’t my forte. And yet whenever I try a shortbread that’s absolutely amazing the recipe is no different from any of the variations I’ve tried.

So the truth is I don’t have high expectations for when I make shortbread and I’ll typically make it when I want to keep things simple. I decided to make this recipe more so for the canvas on which to decorate with my kids than to try to master shortbread.

I was aiming for a similar look to the original, which you can find here, but I quickly gave up that idea when I handed over the creative reins to my kids. They each had several cookies to decorate and it kept us busy for at least an hour.

Substitutions: I really don’t want to make substitutions with shortbread especially if my primary objective is decorating. But next time I might take some more time to pipe out the green candy melt with a thinner tip for a chicer-looking tree. You could use a white candy melt and colour it to the green hue of your preference, but.. just buy the green candy melt and save yourself the time and headache.

Would I make this again? Indeed, it’s an easy way to add some colour to your cookie swap.

Grade:  Four stars out of five. I’ve had better shortbread but this was a fun activity with my boys.





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