Candy cane cream cheese cherry coffee cake

Candy cane cherry cream cheese coffee cake

I’m no Sandra Lee, otherwise known as Food Network’s Semi-Homemade host, who Anthony Bourdain once famously characterized as low-hanging fruit. But I do enjoy taking a shortcut every now and then. And if anyone wants to question me on that: I haven’t slept in 6 years, I’ve got two rambunctious kids, a career, and a house to keep somewhat-clean. So don’t judge me.

Because when the holiday season rolls around and it’s my turn to bring something, I never get asked to bring the fruit plate or the veggies and dip. It’s always for me to bake something. And that’s ok, because I love to bake and feed my family and friends. It’s my way of showing love.

But when I can’t make everything from scratch, Pinterest is really my go-to reference.

And I must admit that whenever the cream cheese, cherry pie filling and crescent rolls trifecta makes an appearance, it’s almost certain I will Pin it. So when I saw that trifecta come together in this recipe for Candy Cane Cream Cheese Cherry Coffee Cakes I knew it would be a sure thing.

While I’m restrained and conservative at the best of times, I don’t hold back during Christmas. The more glitter, more shiny red foil, the more evergreen boughs the better. The more cheesy, retro recipes the better. Yes, it does taste over-processed and over-sweetened. But the cream cheese brings that down a notch.

Let’s not kid ourselves, this recipe might not be the thing to make at the end of a seven-course meal, but it’s a tasty, cozy, coffee cake recipe to bring out when your neighbours pop by or when you want to have something quick in the morning for breakfast in front of the fire. It keeps well in the fridge and then warms up beautifully in the oven.


Substitutions: None but if you don’t like cherry pie filling, I’m sure strawberry pie filling would work just as well.

Would I make this again? Yes, in fact I think I will make it again in the next few weeks. It’s just as easy to whip up two of these as it is to make one, so you might as well make one and freeze the second.

Grade: Five stars out of five. Just because something isn’t elegant or made from scratch doesn’t make it any less fun and satisfying.


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