Welcome Baby Boy Cupcakes


I made these for the arrival of a friend’s bouncing baby boy. These aren’t quite as pretty as my pretty in pink cupcakes, or as whimsical as my Easter egg nest and Star of Bethlehem cupcakes. But they are perfect gifts for new parents of baby boy, or even to make for a baby shower.

And I am definitely getting more adventurous since my days making simple cappuccino cupcakes with chocolate frosting and dragees, and a bit more skilled at using my piping tips since I made my spiced apple walnut cupcakes with brown sugar butter cream and red and green piped hearts.

The best news of all? I’ve finally mastered the art of defrosting butter cream after making too much. So how do you defrost butter cream after freezing it?
First, make sure you pack it in tightly sealed Tupperware container and don’t forget to place a layer of plastic wrap on top of the butter cream before sealing.

Defrost the butter cream in the fridge overnight. If it is still not soft enough in the morning, put it back in the double boiler until some of the butter cream is softening into liquid, and some is still hard. Once you begin to whip it in your Kitchenaid mixer, all will be well. I promise.







One response to “Welcome Baby Boy Cupcakes”

  1. Ryan Kay Avatar

    I’m throwing my best friend a baby shower and these would be perfect! 🙂 Very cute!