Rice Krispie pumpkin treats


I made these for Halloween last year, my attempt to get into the holiday spirit. My youngest son, who will be 4 soon, just loves Halloween. He also has a major sweet tooth so when he figured out we go door to door to collect the sweet stuff, he was thrilled. He pretty much asks about Halloween all year long. I never felt that way about Halloween though, maybe it’s because I was never too into dressing up, or by the time I had kids they were always sick in October.

In any case, I made these last year and I was not bowled over. But, they were dead easy. And if you feel you must make something at home, or if you need to take something to a potluck or for a Halloween-themed party, these will do in a bind.

Bonus, I still had the green jelly beans leftover from another party I’d thrown where I’d used them as the “grass” for flower lollipops. Here’s the recipe for these Rice Krispie Pumpkin treats.

Don’t feel the need to buy orange food colouring, obviously, as it’s harder to find. Red and yellow, which are sold at every grocery store in a set of primary colours will do just fine.

I can’t be bothered to go through the rigmarole of grading these treats as I do in every single other blog post, so I suppose you can tell how I feel about these. They’re cute, novelty items that I’ll likely never make again unless I’m truly hard-pressed to keep my kids occupied. (PS – no one ate these).






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