Pumpkin bread with dark chocolate and pecans



When I saw this recipe come across the wires at work from The Associated Press, it had me salivating. By the time the holidays have rolled around, I’ve usually made at least two or three pumpkin-based desserts so I had this high on my “To Do” list despite the fact I was heavily pregnant at the time I made it, and in no mood to tend to any housework.

In any case, I figured this would be quick to whip up as it was a one-bowl recipe and I was right.
If you’re like me and you always have a can or two of pumpkin puree, this should be a cinch to prepare.

Within a few minutes of mixing (provided you have the ingredients measured out on your counter ahead of time), I had two loaves ready to bake. I froze one and served the other to some company. And even after they were gone, I was still standing over the platter, shoving slices into my mouth. Yes, I was pregnant at the time, but it is that good.

The dense bread showcases the addition of the chocolate and nuts while remaining nice and moist. As you’ll see in the recipe link below, you could also add cranberries or try different nuts, although I think I’ll stick to this combination.

It’s also not as sickly sweet as some of the commercial-grade pumpkin muffins that have been popping up at your nearby franchise coffee shops, so it’s a lot easier to get through a slice.

You can find the recipe here.

Substitutions: You’ll note the recipe calls for walnuts but I used pecans instead, due to personal preference. I also used sunflower oil instead of walnut oil. I left out the cranberries as I’m not a huge fan.

Would I make this again? Yes, probably soon as I just noticed I have another can of pumpkin puree I had forgotten about. Something about the marriage of pumpkin and dark chocolate is a bit more refined than the usual pumpkin-cream cheese combinations we’ve come to expect. This is one of those types of loaves you can leave out on your counter all weekend long as people drop by, or to have with your morning coffee. Perfect for the holidays, no?

Grade: Five stars out of five. This recipe has got it all: flavour, texture, moisture, and stands up to the test of time too. Go on, email yourself this link or Pin it on Pinterest – you’ll be craving it sooner than you think.



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