Prince William’s chocolate biscuit cake

When Prince William requested a second cake to be served at his wedding — a chocolate biscuit cake that was a childhood favourite — I knew I had to make it in honour of the occasion. Please forgive the photograph, as I was in a rush to get to bed so that I could be at work at 3 a.m. to cover the event.

My co-workers will tell you I often bring in sweets to mark a big news event, for a holiday, or just because, so it wasn’t unfathomable that I would make a cake.

But imagine my surprise when this simple cake became a fan favourite, spurring my colleagues to send me emails thanking me for bringing in an “amazing” cake, which they couldn’t believe I had made myself. So what’s it like? It’s less like a cake than layers upon layers of chocolate-covered biscuits. It’s crunchy, rather than soft as sponge.

I know I’m rather late on this entry, but with the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge about to visit Canada, what better way to mark the occasion by making your own chocolate biscuit cake?
I used the recipe published in the Toronto Star and you can find it here.

Substitutions: I couldn’t find the authentic McVities biscuits so I used Maria cookies (which are wonderful with a cuppa if you’re feeling British).

Would I make this again? I’m considering making it this Canada Day (when the royals themselves are in Ottawa) but we’ll see.

Grade: Three stars out of five. It was decadent, it was crunchy, it was pretty easy to make. But, it’s a bit homely and somewhat pedestrian in the complexity of flavour. Good thing Kate Middleton commissioned another wedding cake too.



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