Pretty in pink cupcakes


When my sister-in-law asked me to make the same spiced apple walnut cupcakes that I had made for Christmas Eve dinner and to invite her over, I happily agreed.

As you may remember from my previous post, I was eager to try out the three dozen Paper Orchid cupcake wrappers I purchased some time back.

I was also keen to try the 1M open star piping tip I recently purchased, and to try my hand at making some candy out of heart-shaped molds.
And this is the result. Making the candy from the molds was much easier than I anticipated.

My only faux-pas, however, was piping too much brown sugar buttercream around the circumference of the cupcake so that it smeared on the inside of the cupcake wrapper. Really though, when your guests are ripping the wrapper off to get to the cupcake, does a little smeared buttercream even matter? I didn’t think so.






One response to “Pretty in pink cupcakes”

  1. Jennifer Avatar

    They’re almost too pretty to eat!