Mini chocolate-dipped bananas


We go through a lot of bananas in our house. Not only does my husband eat one every morning, but it’s the only food my sometimes-picky baby boy can’t resist, and the only one that has him smacking his lips.

And so this next recipe was an obvious choice for me – mini chocolate-dipped bananas from Joy the Baker. I always have bananas, chocolate, and nuts in my pantry. (Follow the link above for the recipe.)
I made a whole batch of these when I had some company for dinner and there were several left over in the days that followed.
I pulled them out any time someone dropped by, and they were just as fresh and delicious as the day I made them. Letting them defrost a few minutes is key to the yummy factor, otherwise you may be liable to pay for your friend’s broken crown.
Substitutions: Joy the Baker’s blog used a 70% chocolate and chopped honey roasted peanuts. I used semi-sweet chocolate, white chocolate, and I used chopped pecans and Skor toffee bits. I think the Skor toffee bits were a bigger hit.
Would I make this again? Definitely. I am a big fan of anything I can make in steps (freeze the bananas, and forget about ’em; then dip them, and forget about ’em) and that I can freeze and pull out at a moment’s notice. And they were delicious too. I also love the fact that I can improvise with whatever nuts I have leftover from one of my baking experiments. Can’t wait to make this when the weather heats up and I am looking for a refreshing treat.
Grade: Five stars out of five. Sometimes simple is best.