Martha Stewart’s Honey-Cinnamon Frosting

I’m always on the lookout for great-tasting frosting, which pipes well, and isn’t necessarily buttercream. I was in a bind one afternoon when I realized I had to make a quick frosting. 

I needed to take photos of our Famous ‘Stache Movember cupcake toppers and wrappers for our Etsy shop Frost and Fete (see the entire set here) but I didn’t want to waste all my butter on making buttercream I didn’t even like.

I quickly rifled through my well-loved edition of Martha Stewart’s “Cupcakes” and found something I hoped, and prayed would work out. The photo in the book didn’t reveal whether it would pipe beautifully or if it was just one of those slather and smear frostings.

Fortunately for me this honey-cinnamon frosting came together just beautifully, piped easily, and to top it all off — it’s delicious. Normally I don’t dedicate an entire post to frosting, but this one is a winner and this post jumped to the front of the line. If you don’t like honey, you might find this a bit strong and a bit too sweet, but that’s how I like it.

Also, you’ll need a touch more food colouring than you’re used to because this frosting is not snow-white but if you use the good quality colouring you’ll be fine.