Hatching Chick Cupcake Toppers


This is the latest creation for Frost and Fete, the Etsy shop my sister and I launched recently.

When my mother and sister hosted my bridal shower, their hunt for cupcakes became a bit of a family joke as it literally spanned weeks.

I wish this solution had presented itself to us – cupcake toppers that would fit the decor and theme of the party. It would have been much easier to top plain old cupcakes than to search for the perfect cupcakes covered in piped flowers. Plus, we could have saved the toppers for another event.

No matter though. You live and you learn. So, check out our Hatching Chick Cupcake Toppers, which I will be using when I make a batch of cupcakes for my pregnant friend’s upcoming baby shower at the end of this month. (And, she can also save them and use them for an Easter event, if she wants).

I had originally planned to make these Easter Egg Nest cupcakes but they would have taken me much longer, and with both an election and a royal wedding, work is busy and I have less patience at the end of the day. I hope she likes them!



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