Giada’s Zuccotto


Lately I feel like all I have been doing is making excuses, friends, but I have a very good reason for being slow to blog. I’m officially back to work. Yep, my maternity leave is over. You know what that means, no dreamy walks in the park, no bonbons, and definitely no Young and Restless. Not!

(Don’t read on if you are pregnant and can’t handle the truth.)Heck, the truth is I am finally drinking hot coffee again! But, truth be admitted, there is scant time for blogging in the evenings. My kid is more clingy since I’ve returned to work, and I don’t blame him. After a day at work, it’s all I can do to run through the door and scoop him up.

The beauty of this recipe, however, is that it is so easy you can make it even when you are a working mom. In fact, I bet I could even make it while my little one was throwing Goldfish crackers at me from his high chair. Yep. I’ve made it twice and it was easy peasy (with the whizzing help of my Kitchen-Aid mixer).

You can find the recipe for this on the Food Network website. Zuccotto is a semi-chilled molded dessert made with brandy, cake and cream or ice cream. It is traditionally made in a special pumpkin-shaped mold (Zuccotto means “little pumpkin” in Italian). Apparently, the shape was inspired by the dome of Florence’s duomo (the city’s main cathedral).

I made this twice for family members and twice it had rave reviews. The first time, I will admit it took me an hour to make it, but that’s because my mom was keeping an eye on my little one and I couldn’t wrap my head around the architecture of this showpiece. I was over thinking things. The second time it took me less than half an hour.

The key is to slice your pound cake into thin slices and then cut each slice into two triangle-shaped pieces. Assemble the zuccotto by placing the most-narrow point of the triangle in the middle of the bowl and go from there. Honestly, just treat it as a puzzle piece and make the cake pieces match up and you will be fine.

Substitutions: None.

Would I make this again? Yes, if you love Ferrero Rocher, if you love Kinder Surprise, if you love taking a bite out of something to be surprised with the decadent centre, this dessert is for you. I loved it because one of the main elements, the pound cake, can be easily purchased at the grocery store, and I have all the ingredients readily available in my pantry. And the centre? One layer of chocolate cream on top of another layer of almond-scented whipping cream. Oh ma ga.

Grade: Five bazillion points out of five. This is impressive, but it’s easy. And everyone will love it. You can’t go wrong. Giada, can you do no wrong? You must have some skeletons in the closet!

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3 responses to “Giada’s Zuccotto”

  1. Fuzzyhead Avatar

    Looks yum, dude. But I hate almond flavouring. Do you think hazelnuts would work. The Italians like em, right?

  2. Mary Avatar

    Fo sho hazelnuts would work. Actually that might be even more yum, lemme know how it goes!!

  3. Brenda Avatar

    Mary, I’ve always wanted to make this but never wanted to fuss with cutting the cake, lol. You’ve convinced me! Thanks so much for linking this up to Cookbook Sundays.