Flourless chocolate truffle torte


It struck me that ever since I started this blog, I’d neglected chocolate desserts as I’d lost my taste for chocolate since becoming pregnant.

It’s not that I won’t eat chocolate, it’s not my first choice, nor will I ask for it. This from the girl who used to have to eat at least a bite of chocolate every single day.

But my family and friends shouldn’t suffer, right?
So I decided to try my hand at a recipe for flourless chocolate truffle torte as I had all the ingredients in my pantry.

The result was a pretty cake which would be a stunning accompaniment at any brunch or dessert table. 


I can’t say the dessert was a resounding success, and perhaps part of the problem lies in my taste buds as I didn’t even finish my own piece.

As expected, the cake was dense, but I found it too dense, almost like biting into a big piece of chocolate.

My substitutions:I must admit that I used two different types of chocolate as didn’t have enough of either kind for the recipe. I also likely didn’t have the eggs out on the counter long enough that they were room temperature when I used them. I served it with whipped cream, which is a must for this dense, decadent dessert, and raspberries, which helped to cut the rich taste with their sweet acidity.

Would I make this again?I might. However, I may put another twist on it by using orange liqueur and orange zest rather than dark rum. I may also make a greater effort to keep the eggs out to bring them to room temperature. Unlike other recipes, the batter for this one was lightened by whipped cream rather than whipped egg whites, and I think the egg whites would have helped to make this a lighter cake.

Two-and-a-half stars out of five. Yes, it was tasty and pretty but nothing extraordinary. It was easy – maybe too easy. I will need to experiment with this recipe before giving it my wholehearted endorsement.