Easy peasy Devil’s chocolate pumpkin puree cupcakes

Pumpkin puree muffins
This is going to be a short post because the ingredient list is short too: cake mix and pumpkin puree.
Look, I know cake mix is not ideal. But sometimes, I need to make cupcakes quickly and I need a quick chocolate fix.

So when I saw this recipe on Pinterest, I thought I’d try it.
I have no recipe to link to, so pay attention ok?

Dump the cake mix in a bowl, then dump 15 oz of pumpkin puree into the same bowl. Mix. Pour into the prepared cupcake tin and follow the baking instructions on the cake mix box.
Now, if you want the tops to be smooth, these won’t smooth out by themselves in the oven as you would except.

You’ll need to pat them down with a small spatula or spoon. As you can see in the pic, I didn’t do that, and the tops look more rustic than professional. And that’s fine by me, as I made them for myself.

I baked a huge batch of this and froze some and took it out whenever I needed a chocolate fix or my son asked for cupcakes. (For those of you on Weight Watchers, only 3 WW+ points as long as you’re not slathering on any frosting).

Substitutions: I supposed you could try spice cake mix, or vanilla cake mix but I don’t know how it would turn out.

Would I make these again? I’ve already made them again.

Grade: Three stars out of five. These don’t compete with the made-from-scratch cupcakes, that’s for sure. But they are dense, moist and freeze beautifully. And you can make them in a flash, so I couldn’t resist blogging about them.

And if you’re in a real bind and need to decorate something for Halloween, there’s still time to order the Halloween cupcake toppers and wrappers from the design studio I own with my sister on Etsy.



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