Easter egg marshmallow nests

Whenever Easter rolls around and Cadbury Mini Eggs hit the store shelves, I buy a pack or two because I love to incorporate them into my baking. So when I saw the recipe on Sophistimom, I knew I had to try to make these just because they were so utterly adorable.

Besides, one of my most popular blog posts to this day is the one on my Easter egg nest cupcakes, which you can read here.

But these marshmallow nests are decidedly better. For one, they’re less work. Secondly, they’re more portable, making it ideal for those Easter brunches that are already chock-a-block full of coloured eggs.

Or perhaps these would also make a charming favour for a baby shower party with a hatching-chick theme.

Just remember you can’t use gelatin if you’re serving this to any of your friends who keep kosher.
And if you find candy-making finicky, this might not be the recipe you’re going to try at the last minute before guests arrive.

Substitutions: Sometimes I use a combination of sweetened and unsweetened coconut depending on how much my sweet tooth is acting up.

Would I make this again? Despite my effusive praise, I’m not entirely certain. At the end of the day. These are marshmallows covered in coconut. And yes, they are homemade and homemade marshmallows are going for way too much money in gourmet stores these days. But – I can only eat one or two marshmallows at one time, tops.

Grade: Four stars out of five.



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