Dare to dream: My Christmas wish list



I do this every year, but coming up with my Christmas wish list was inordinately harder this time.

In a matter of mere weeks, we’ll be welcoming our second baby and most of my shopping lists have centred on baby-related products.
That said, I wouldn’t scoff at a gift certificate to my favourite gourmet grocer Pusateri’s or luxury retailer Holt Renfrew. There are a few handbags I have my eyes on! (And an Alexander McQueen scarf, and a Canada Goose vest, but I digress….)
That said, there’s not much I really need for myself at this point but it’s nice to dream isn’t it? So I’ve taken the time to put together a list of items that I covet.
I’ve had some fun going back to read my past Christmas wish lists, and you might too, although I do notice there are a few items I still haven’t crossed off my list – food processor springs to mind.
Here’s my list for 2012.

Royal Doulton tapas bowls: Have I ever served tapas? No. Will I ever? Probably not. But aren’t these colours lovely?

And wouldn’t they look just as nice serving nuts, nibbles, teeny appetizers? More info on them here. Not only do they have the Oprah seal of approval, but at least 5 Pinterest users repinned them on their own boards after I uploaded this to my board.



illy espresso coffee cups: We finally replaced our broken espresso machine and our new one is getting used several times a day.But I’m not crazy about our espresso cups. They’re a collection of odds and ends that don’t really reflect my taste. This collection features some 286 espresso coffee cups designed by well-known artists and film-makers. I’m not sure they’re even available to purchase, but that only makes them more desirable in my eyes.


Large lovebirds serving platter:I love this Dutch designer on Etsy, and would have purchased several of her pieces if I hadn’t been put off by the shipping charge.But I’m thinking it might be worth the investment. one of these days.

Every time I lay eyes on one of her pieces, I’m instantly cheered up and reminded of all my happy times in Holland with one of my Dutch friends.

Kylie cake stand: I’ll be honest, I have no room for another cake stand, but I do think this one would be particularly fetching in hot pink. It would dress up any sweet table with some pizazz I do believe.

Maybe one day when I magically get more room in my cupboards. Also from another spectacular Etsy vendor whose wares I’ve been eyeing for years.


Momofuku Milk Bar cookie mix: I have the cookbook and I could easily make these compost cookies myself.

But the truth is, I heart a good mix and this one must be exceedingly good at the price point (or so you hope). Also, I was at a wedding earlier this year where the sweet table included (!) Momofuku-inspired compost cookies and they were divine. And I’ve been craving another one ever since.
Williams-Sonoma is selling the mix online and in stores.

Le Creuset Dutch Oven in cassis: I thought, when I purchased my Kitchen-Aid red dutch oven that I was being frugal and very adult in my choice – I was saving a bundle. But now every time I use it, and it’s often, I spend a good 10 minutes scrubbing at the bottom of the pan. And the red enamel has chipped off. This is one of those “I should have just paid the bigger bucks” situations, which I don’t face very often. I’m told Winners often has Le Creuset on sale but frankly, I don’t have the time to go back week after week hunting for cookware. It’s also available at Williams-Sonoma.



Dining at Momofuku: Momofuku has opened an outpost in Toronto, and I really, really, really want to check it out.Thing is, I can’t imagine when I’ll get my next opportunity considering I’m feeling like  a beached whale these days and we’ll have a newborn in our house any day now.

That’s where the “dreaming” comes in, right? So what’s on your Christmas wish list?