Colossal Cupcake Creation


Cast your mind back and you may remember I wished for a giant cupcake on my Christmas wish list. I hoped someone would pick up on my heavy-handed hint and order it for my birthday, but I wasn’t holding my breath.

Well, you can imagine how thrilled I was when one of my besties surprised me for Christmas with the Big Top Cupcake, silicone bakeware to create my very own giant cupcake. Oh Em Gee. A thousand times better than getting a giant cupcake because I can make as many of these as I want.

Plus, you can use the insert to add a filling, such as custard, dulce de leche, nuts, whatever you want. I didn’t do so this time, but I baked the cake with the filling insert anyway and there was a sizable space for me to fill had I wished to do so.

This colossal cupcake creation is 25 times bigger than a regular cupcake, as they say. No more looking like a fool when my cakes aren’t cool, according to the As Seen on TV promise. (Thanks for indulging me for a mo’, I just wanted those words to trip off my tongue.)

I’d been waiting for the perfect opportunity to use my Big Top Cupcake and my chance finally came when newlywed friends of ours invited us over for lunch and I decorated this devil’s chocolate cake with vanilla frosting as part of their housewarming gift.

Just looking at it makes me happy.






One response to “Colossal Cupcake Creation”

  1. Jennifer Avatar

    Oh em gee indeed! That looks divine. I’m drooling just thinking about so much deliciousness!