Chocolate sprinkle-covered acorn donuts


This one is a true Pinterest success. You don’t hear that very often these days, do you? I find I have more Pinterest successes than failures simply because I don’t aim too high – that’s not true of my philosophy for life but when it comes to replicating something I’ve seen online I’m careful not to get too ambitious.

I hosted some family members at our house for my husband’s 35th birthday the other day and I made him the cake he requested, and served it alongside some other appetizer-type foods but I really wanted to do one more dessert which wouldn’t eat up several hours of my time.

Enter the acorn donut. Seasonal. Easy. Crowd-pleaser…. Perfect.

We picked up two dozen old-fashioned glazed Timbits from Tim Hortons that morning, and I already I had a tub of ready-made chocolate frosting, chocolate sprinkles and pretzel sticks on hand.

Using a teaspoon, I spooned on chocolate frosting to cover a little less than half of one end of the Timbit, dipped it in the plate of chocolate sprinkles and then stuck half a pretzel stick at that end. Repeat.

That’s it! And you know what? This was a big hit. Sometimes I make things — like the bacon and egg candy — which everyone oohs and aaahs over, which no one really touches. But this one was actually gobbled up…. And if I do say so myself, I think they turned out quite cute and even better than some of the ones I saw on Google Images.

Substitutions: None, but I imagine you could use any donut hole that’s about the same colour to recreate the same effect. I wouldn’t use the ready-made whipped chocolate frosting, but I bet you could get away with melting some chocolate and using that instead. Rather annoyingly, I had to go to a few grocery stores to get these chocolate sprinkles but I imagine you could find them at a bulk food store quite easily.

Would I make this again? Certainly, especially for a gathering in the fall as I think it’s the perfect seasonal treat.

Grade: Four stars out of five. I’m being generous, though, as after all… it is just a donut hole dipped in chocolate and sprinkles. Still, though, I think it’s worth blogging about.








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