Chocolate Mousse Igloo


This chocolate mousse igloo would be the ideal dessert to make with young children, but perhaps not the most sophisticated dessert to serve your adult guests. I decided to make this recipe after seeing a photo for it in one of the Kraft Kitchens magazines, but even before I began the ingredient list made me inwardly cringe(melted margarine mixed with Oreo crumbs as the base, for example).
It was easy enough to make as it was a multi-step process and I assembled it shortly before serving, but it was a bit of a logistical nightmare to cut. It was one of those desserts that has people nervously calling my name when the time comes to dole out servings. How in the world do you cut it? Cut around the marshmallows? Cut through the marshmallows? Remove the marshmallows and then cut through the mousse?

Either way, it’s charm is short-lived because pretty much as soon as you serve it, it’s destroyed. And then the time comes to take a bite, and the questions begin – is this ice cream? Well no, although it is frozen. Is this a mousse? Well, no it’s too heavy and dense to be a true mousse.
Is it tasty? Well, yes, in a a predictably sugary, cream-cheese dense way. And still – I would make this again. Why? It’s just adorable and an ideal dessert to serve a winter-weary crowd. It has that wow factor I love, and it’s easy enough to assemble even if aren’t a natural-born pastry chef. You can find the recipe here.
Substitutions: None.
Would I make this again? I already said I would above, but let me specify that yes, I will. Probably in a few years when I can give my son the job of assembling the igloo with the marshmallows.
Grade: Three stars out of five. Yes, the igloo idea is decidedly cute, but I could probably construct the igloo overtop a mousse recipe that is lighter in texture and sugar content.