Canadian federal election cupcake toppers


It’s already April and if you are Canadian, a federal election is just weeks away.

This campaign is all-consuming for me these days, especially with my day job as a news producer.

And so when I wanted to bake cupcakes for my colleagues on Budget Day, I wanted to decorate them appropriately. At first, I thought chocolate numbers might make be the ideal cupcake toppers, but then in talking to my sister, the idea of the party leaders came up.

I went on the hunt on Etsy and eBay but couldn’t find anything nearly close to what I wanted.

And Budget Day came and went, I ran out of time, and I didn’t find any appropriate toppers nor did I make the cupcakes. But my sister – being the more artistic one – made the cupcake toppers anyway.

And here they are on our very own Etsy shop, Frost and Fete . If you are as engrossed in federal election news as I am, not only should you be reading it all on’s Election Central but you can also bring some levity to the campaign by serving your guests themed cupcakes when you tune into CTV News on debate night (English-language debate is on April 12 while the French-language debate is on April 14).

Let it be known: Any views expressed here are my own and do not reflect the policies or positions of my employer CTV.



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2 responses to “Canadian federal election cupcake toppers”

  1. mleong Avatar

    I LOVE your cake toppers. The politico ones are awesome! (I noticed that there weren’t any of Duceppe…was that you reading the future?)

  2. Mary Avatar

    Aw thanks! I’d like to say I’m psychic, but I was trying to keep things simple with only three of them. LOL!