Bon Appetit’s holiday party mix

Bon appetit holiday party mix
I’ve been making David Lebovitz’ sweet and spicy party mix every year since I first discovered it in 2011. This year, I thought I’d try something new, something that looked a bit more festive. So I painstakingly tracked down all the ingredients listed in the recipe to make Bon Appetit’s Party Mix.  No, Bugles and roasted peas (not the wasabi variety) are not that easy to find. As for Terra Stix, forget it. I think they may actually be discontinued because the high-end grocer that can usually source everything told me the supplier hadn’t been bringing it for a while.

Truth be told, I don’t really know why I made this, I barely touched it. But it seemed to go down well at work, if you like savoury, crunchy, salty party mixes, this will go down well. The garlic, Dijon, Worcestershire sauce mixture adds an unexpected kick, and it was welcome, but I think I would have liked more of it. And, truth be told, this wasn’t really my bag.

The sweet and spicy mix I mentioned above hits the right notes for my palate and it’s easier to make – even though it ends up being more pricey with the amount of nuts you need.

Since I couldn’t find Terra Stix, I used beet chips from the bulk food store to add some red colour, for the holiday season. That ended up being my favourite part…

Would I make this again?
For the amount of work it took to find the products and the resounding disappointment I felt when I tried it, probably not. I’d rather just buy a bag of maple bacon flavoured chips….

Grade: Three stars out of five. I think the gorgeous picture on the Bon Appetit page may have oversold this a touch. And it’s my fault for falling for it…






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