Berry danish minis

If you have frozen crescent rolls, cream cheese and jam lying around – and I usually have all three – these are a cinch to make.

I had flagged this recipe on my Pinterest board “Drooling Foodie” as one to try, and I’m delighted I did. The recipe comes from the blog Inspired by Charm, and you can find it here.

Now, I didn’t get these looking quite as perfect as the ones on the blog – perhaps practice makes perfect – but they were so indulgent it didn’t matter. Low-cal food, this is not. But consider making it for a special breakfast in bed, or impromptu brunch when you have suddenly have guests coming over.

Sweetened cream cheese; warm, oozing jam; and a dash of powdered sugar. Divine.

And they’re easy peasy. Heck, you can probably make these even if you’ve never baked a day in your life. And unlike store-bought danishes that are sticky-stale from sitting around too long, these are doughy and oozy and beautiful. They’re best fresh from the oven.

Substitutions: I used strawberry jam but you can use your favourite jam. I’d honestly consider doubling the recipe because these only make a few and they’ll be gone in no time. Mini they may be, but they pack a whole lot of goodness. And calories. I measured the points when I was still on Weight Watchers, before I got pregnant, and soon realized I should only be eating one – if that. So, make these when you want to indulge your loved ones.

Would I make this again? I’m considering making them right now. So … yes!

Grade: Four stars out of five. If I could only perfect the look of the finished product, I may have considered giving these full marks.

PS – I’ll be getting a new blog design soon, stay tuned!



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