Whimsical daisies, precious hearts, and I do! cupcake toppers

Between a sick baby, royal wedding coverage, and the election campaign, life’s been trotting along at a quick clip. So I haven’t had much time to blog.

But I wanted to give you a quick sneak peek at what my sister’s been designing over at Frost and Fete.
How precious are these toppers?

I wish we had thought of doing these back when I got married, I would have served cupcakes for sure.

This is the Whimsical Daisy cupcake topper, I’d serve these with mint butter cream on a plain vanilla sponge cupcake.

These are the Sweet Heart cupcake toppers. I’d probably serve them with strawberry butter cream at a tea party. Wearing a fascinator.


And these are the ones I wish I had at my wedding, the I Do! modern wedding cupcake toppers, and just maybe my favourite ones so far.
My cake was delicious, but the peonies that were supposed to get placed here and there on my wedding cake were forgotten, and so it was white. Just white. These would have added that a much needed dose of colour. (But you live and you learn, right?)



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