Owl Cupcakes

Whooooo loves owls? Apparently, the masses, because they’re everywhere lately: Anthropologie, Crate and Barrel, Winners. You name it. I’m slightly miffed because I loved owls even before they earned a cultish following. Still, I couldn’t resist making these owl cupcakes. At first I was going to make them for Halloween but when our plans got cancelled, I made them anyway.
The recipe comes by way of Duncan Hines, but I never would have seen it if it weren’t for Pinterest.

Substitutions: I wish I used the mini Oreos, because I think they would have looked a bit cuter. Or even  the Double Stuf ones because it was a bit hard to separate the cookies without scratching the cream right off. I read somewhere that if you microwaved the cookies for about 10 seconds it was easier to take them apart. I tried it, but I can’t say for sure it worked. I also used Reese’s Pieces rather than Junior mints and all the other candies listed in this recipe. I also used a piping tip normally used to make butter cream leaves to make the hair between the owl’s ears.

I also used my very own chocolate butter cream but I expect frosting out of a can would work just as well.

Would I make these again? Undoubtedly, but this time I’ll give myself more time. These looked super easy to me, and they were a bit more finicky than I expected. Still, they were a super hit with the adults and the kids and the party I took them too. Warning: Not everyone thinks owls are cute. In some cultures, they are ominous omens of death.

Grade: Four stars out of five. These are no culinary masterpieces. But they are downright cute, and you can find all the elements not only at your nearest convenience store, but probably right in your own cupboards. And you’ll look like a pro.



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