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  • Emerging Trends: Marshmallows, maple and more

    Emerging Trends: Marshmallows, maple and more

      The latest dispatch from the Center of Culinary Development highlights the latest emerging trends in the culinary world, including gourmet marshmallows and the use of maple as a luxury ingredient. According to the trend analysts, fast food outlets are thinking outside the box to cater to their market. For example, 382-unit Philly cheese steak…

  • Emerging trends: Salted Caramel

    Emerging trends: Salted Caramel

    When Starbucks is opening yet another coffee shop in a neighbourhood, realtors know it’s a sign of development and rejuvenation and potentially – a housing boom. Similarly, when Starbucks begins to expand its product base and offer new products, foodies know those ingredients have hit the tipping point. Foodies have long known about salted caramel.…