If you love pumpkin, if you love chocolate, heck even if you just love cake, you will love this dessert. I found this recipe after doing some Googling to find a way to use up my leftover pumpkin puree. And I’m so very glad I took a chance on this revamp of the classic Italian dessert. Luscious, moist, delicate, the perfect combination of fall flavours. What can I say? I’m a big fan of this dessert.It came together rather easily, especially because it’s a no-bake recipe, as you will know if you’ve made tiramisu before. If you are a tiramisu purist, don’t be turned off. The pumpkin flavour works in harmony with the chocolate and almond-flavoured liqueur despite any apprehensions you might have. And if you follow my lead, and lightly brush the ladyfingers rather than soaking them until they fall apart, this tiramisu will hold its consistency rather […]