After my recent interview with Tana Ramsay, Gordon Ramsay’s wife, I told her I’d be trying the ham, spinach and Gruyere croissant ring from her new cookbook “Home Made.” She leaned in, as if she’d be letting me in on a family secret and said, sincerely, “It’s delicious.”And she was right. When I pulled the croissant ring out of the oven, after serving leek and potato soup, along with an arugula, cherry tomato salad with raspberry vinaigrette, pecans and Stilton cheese, my husband’s eyes widened. It looked like I’d slaved all night. Truth was, while it looks impressive, all it takes is chopping up a bunch of ingredients and laying the filling atop the croissant dough, folding the dough, then baking it. In this case, the ingredients include two packs of croissant dough; blanched spinach; 10 slices of honey-roasted ham, cut into strips; 10 halved cherry tomatoes; 5 chopped […]