It had been a while since I felt the burning ambition to decorate a cake. Lord knows I’m all about shortcuts these days — which is why when I saw this in the¬†Kraft Kitchens’ holiday edition I knew this recipe would be quick to bake, slower to decorate. And though the purists may be choking on their homemade shortcrust pastry¬†right now, sometimes that’s about all you can ask of me. The beauty of this dessert is that it is lovely, covered by fragile white-chocolate piped snowflakes that will hide a not-so-perfectly frosted cake.The challenge of making this cake is that if you don’t have a light hand in piping the snowflakes, it may look sloppy, childish even. And even if the snowflakes are perfect, you will want to make more than you need because a few of them will break on the way from your kitchen counter to your fridge. […]