I first discovered the recipe for this trifle months ago. But I knew that the only time I could get away with serving a dessert as decadent, as creamy, as luscious, as gooey, as spicy, as flavourful as this one was during the holiday season. And so I flagged this recipe way back then and made a note in my BlackBerry calendar that I must make this trifle for Christmas Eve this year. No sooner had someone taken a spoonful of this trifle did I hear my name being called out, to ask about the recipe. Truth be told, my family is not really a trifle crowd. The ladies often ask for chocolate, or perhaps cheesecake, but for the most part we are nibbling on cannoli or Middle Eastern dense date-filled cookies after our holiday and birthday feasts.So, I didn’t really know how trifle would go down. I had […]