There’s an Armenian saying, “achkeh dzag,” which I was often accused of growing up. Literally translated, it means “hole in the eye” but its figurative meaning is “insatiable.” When I saw food, I wanted it. No matter that I had just eaten, or I wasn’t hungry, I wanted to try everything. It’s still the same now, especially when I travel and discover something new. It’s beyond my control. When I smell crispy fried smelt by the Bulgarian seaside, being sold to sunbathers in cones made of newspaper; when I see a Neapolitan teenager hop on her boyfriend’s Vespa, dripping Baci gelato in one hand, I want what they have.And I have an irrational fear that if I don’t buy it at that moment, I will never get the chance to sample it again. The bad news is, I am prone to weight gain. The good news is, I never would […]