When I first began flipping the pages of Globe and Mail columnist Lucy Waverman’s new cookbook “A Year in Lucy’s Kitchen” (Random House Canada), I was skeptical I would be able to select recipes to review.As I’ve mentioned before, my life has dramatically changed with the birth of my son more than 10 weeks ago and I am relying more heavily on processed frozen foods and take-out. It’s the stark truth and I am being honest despite the criticism or backlash I expect to hear.And it’s the truth for most young families, I suspect, despite the much-heralded return to seasonal, local cooking that is driven not only by the desire to preserve the environment but by financial need in these more expensive times. Indeed, the book’s menu for an Economic Gastronomic New Year’s party reflects Waverman is tuned into these more frugal times.Sure, buying seasonal is the way to […]