Some time ago, I declared with some authority, that doughnuts were in fashion. (You will never hear me saying that cupcakes are out. That’s just ridiculous). Of course, the timing was poor because I have been on a diet (let’s call it a lifestyle change) for several months now. And the day I had two Timbits (doughnut holes for my American readers) I felt guilty for days. But when my husband showed me the Smart Planet mini donut maker, I had to have it. I don’t have any extra counter or drawer space so when I buy an appliance, it’s a big deal. Bonus: you can make the mini donuts without deep frying them. It’s more like a waffle maker with a super hot surface, if you can envision it. And they’re mini! I love mini anything. When you can fit two of anything in the palm of my hand, […]