It’s no secret that I sometimes find decorating cakes and cupcakes intimidating. Over the years I have attended some classes, and learned some tricks that have helped me decorate cupcakes, cakes and pastries to a much higher standard than what I used to produce. I was able to overcome my fears of working with butter cream and piping tips after taking a cupcake decorating class at the Bonnie Gordon School of Confectionary Arts.  But despite the fact we worked with fondant at the class, and I brought a tub home, I rarely decorated with the stuff. So when Lisa, of Le Dolci Cupcakes and Cakes invited me to attend one of their cupcake decorating classes, I eagerly accepted and signed up for the wedding cupcakes class at this fun food education studio. And you can see from the amazing cupcakes I decorated with my own two hands in the photo above that it was a huge success.The […]