I am making my way through a book about food writing, and it suggests that blog postings about our childhood memories of food are commonplace and therefore – well, rather boring. Humour me, then, please as this is a topic close to my heart. This is about my Grandmother Mariam’s Tell Kadayif, an Armenian version of a dessert commonly made in the Middle East. “Tell” means “string” in Armenian, due to the thin, long strands of the kadayif.Kadayif consists of shredded phyllo pastry,  which you can find at Greek or Middle Eastern grocers. This dessert is flavoured with rose water; filled with thickened cream, or cheese or walnuts; and topped with  a thickened sugar syrup. Western palates might find it more savoury than they’re used to, and perhaps more exotic as well due to the generous helpings of nuts, and rose water – a distinctly flowery and pungent taste. […]