I admit I am a control freak at the best of times, and menu-planning is no exception.Every week, I take out my recipe collection and favourite cookbooks and plan my meals for the week. I take into account which farm-fresh veggies and fruits my organic food distributor, Mama Earth, will be dropping in a basket at my front door. I also take into account how much time I’ll have on certain evenings during the week, and plan accordingly.As Christmas approaches, I begin early, maybe several weeks in advance. I start perusing my cookbooks for jaw-dropping, wow-factor recipes, ones that are easy to transport to Christmas parties, ones that I can throw in the oven and pull out as guests walk through the door; recipes for rich, aromatic desserts that include caramel, dates, dark chocolate, pumpkin, or brandy flavours. If you’re still stuck for ideas, recipes from top chefs for […]