I admit, I’ve been neglecting the blog, but with good reason. With the Canadian parliamentary crisis, and my book publishing course drawing to a close, all of my active brain cells have been otherwise occupied.Here’s my promised update on my “What’s Cooking for Christmas” series for CTV.ca’s holiday guide.With just a couple of weeks to go before Christmas, if you’re still desperately rifling through gravy-splotched recipes, here are some new ideas: Try award-winning cookbook author Bonnie Stern’s latkes recipe. Or maybe you have no time? Try the “Surreal Gourmet” Bob Blumer’s five-minute turkey dinner. If you’d like to inject some Asian flavour into your holiday meal, try globe-trotting gourmet Naomi Duguid’s Thai sticky rice. You must have heard of food writer Jennifer MacLagan by now. In her latest book “Fat” she makes the case the maligned “greasy killer” is not only delicious but good for you. She shared with me […]