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  • Pomegranate rose-water persimmon pavlova

    Pomegranate rose-water persimmon pavlova

    This recipe may have been doomed from the start with a name like “The Sultan’s Pavlova: Ottomans Come Down Under.” With every ingredient I purchased, with every stir of my spoon, with every step all I could think was that the Armenian genocide unfolded during the Ottoman Empire under some Sultan’s orders and that I…

  • Strawberry-Pistachio Tart

    Strawberry-Pistachio Tart

      My, my, my. It has been a while hasn’t it? Long-time readers of my blog may notice this photo was taken before I got my fancy camera, so that will give some hint of just how long it’s been. And still – still – the colours sing on your screen, don’t they? Just imagine…

  • Midnight madness meringue cake

    Midnight madness meringue cake

      There’s nothing I like more than alliteration and this is why I made this cake. OK, I’m lying but I must admit I like the name of this cake. Now that I have my Grammar Geek confession out of the way …. To be honest, I don’t really see it as a cake. It’s…